We're control-freak geeks ... and proud of it.

You benefit in two key ways:

1. Security 

Unlike others, we own our Technology Center where we have complete management control of all your critical information. We're SSAE 16, SOC 2 (Type II) Certified, and that means security is tight, really tight! The Technology Center is literally a “building within a building." In the event of an emergency, all data is secure, with specific plans in place to manage a disaster. Recovery responses are tested on a regular basis.

2. Availability 

Clients depend on us to be “always-on” for the increasingly “always-on” post-acute workforce. 24/7/365, engineers have complete control over your information. Your data keeps us awake at night, literally. We monitor its availability and provision access, back it up offsite with Hewlett-Packard world-class services, maintain security and work on thousands of other details expected of a Fortune-500 class IT service provider. 

In the data center, all infrastructure that vcpi solutions depend on is fully redundant, which means that the failure of a single component (and in most cases multiple components) will not cause an outage or system degradation. We own and manage all the servers, storage, and security solutions that are in our local, primary data center.

Recently, Milwaukee has been ranked by independent IT organizations as the safest place to locate and operate a technology center. In addition, vcpi has earned the StormReady® Supporter designation—and is only the third company in Wisconsin to earn this. StormReady® recognizes that we possess a solid communication network and have developed a multi-hazard emergency operations plan.

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