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HIPAA IT Security Risk Analysis

We can help your organization measure its current compliance levels and get ahead of the game when it comes to HIPAA audits. Our HIPAA security risk analysis is a focused review that covers all Standards and Implementation Specifications in the HIPAA Security Rule as well as requirements related to the HITECH Act Breach Notification rules.

HIPAA Seal of ComplianceAdditionally, we’ve partnered with Compliancy Group, a compliance leader not only in achieving HIPAA, HITECH and Omnibus Compliance for its clients, but also with a 100% success rate in passing compliance audits. You too can gain the HIPAA Seal of Compliance by utilizing The Guard, an advanced web based solution that helps you achieve, illustrate and maintain compliance year after year.

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Email and device encryption

Unauthorized access of sensitive data can result in financial loss, HIPAA violations and damage to your reputation. Encryption works behind the scenes to automatically protect your assets. Learn about our email encryption and device encryption.

In addition, with ever-increasing email threats becoming harder to detect, we can raise your employees' awareness of these threats. After, we conduct a phishing campaign internally to test how they respond to email scams.

Network vulnerability report 

We scan your critical assets for vulnerabilities and provide a report with detailed descriptions of vulnerability, insight into root cause, and available workarounds.

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Avoid fines for HIPAA violations with a
HHS-required annual analysis.

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