Meet Angie Williams: 28 Years of Helping Healthcare Facilities Conquer their IT Challenges


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June 10, 2019

angie williams

Vcpi, a nationwide provider of outsourced IT services for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care communities, is proud to announce that Angie Williams, Senior Project Manager, is celebrating her 28th work anniversary with us.

Angie has been with vcpi since 1991, starting as a pharmacy technician, and next was a field manager for nine years. She understands what is at stake for caregivers and patients. 

“I was exposed to the Long-Term Care industry at age eight because my mother is a nurse,” she said. “I started out at vcpi filling medications and delivering them to facilities.”

Angie’s main responsibility is executing IT management plans developed by her team once clients become onboarded through vcpi. Unlike others in her role, Angie visits healthcare facilities to learn about their IT operations and to recommend the most ideal solutions for their needs.

Known for her cheery disposition, Angie calls herself a “cooler” who helps reduce the stresses of navigating IT in healthcare. She strives to bridge any knowledge gaps between corporate leadership and resident care providers. 

Patients trust caregivers with their lives, as do their families. Caregivers help patients with everything from daily living activities to life-threatening health challenges. Navigating technology can present an extra burden, which Angie aims to solve.

“Everyone changes, and daily life changes, but taking care of someone doesn’t change,” she said. “No one had laptops or smartphones when we started. Our generation today lacks face to face communication, so we need to adapt to change and be consistent with care.”

Angie’s job doesn’t stop once the implementation begins. She regularly communicates with clients to ensure their IT systems operate smoothly. She also helps enhance their processes and systems as their IT needs evolve. When working with our service desk team, she motivates employees to make a difference in the lives of the elderly.

Vcpi strives to provide top-tier IT management services for healthcare facilities so their employees can focus on patient care. Angie embodies our mission as well as the constant changes vcpi and our clients face. She stays up to date on technology evolutions and strives to simplify IT operations in healthcare, which makes her an asset to the team, and ultimately our clients.

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