Network Refresh for Senior Living Environments

Confidently Tackle Future & Emerging Technology Implementations

We are all challenged by how quickly the landscape of Senior Living technology changes as it moves forward. In the Senior Living industry, our ability to confidently adopt technology is what enables communities to enrich resident experiences, improve caregiver’s efficiency, and grow occupancy.

A network optimized to support the growing technology needs of both caregiving operations and resident consumption is imperative for these benefits to be realized.


Network Refresh - Increase productivity with improved connectivity


IT Network Needs Will Continue to Grow for Residents and Caregivers

In order to provide excellent care to residents, caregivers need access to the latest care technology with a capable network support system in place. The increased reliance on IP devices and their applications will require the elimination of dead zones and weak points in the network that caregivers and residents are troubled by.

New mobile applications enable caregivers to provide recording at bedside to improve the integrity of recorded information. This potential for improved information quality and timely recording can increase resident health through early detection. This provides efficiency improvements for caregivers to complete their recording tasks on time along with other medial processes so they can spend more time providing quality care to residents. We know also that the positive impression left by these improvements in technology can be a huge component of improving employee job satisfaction and retention.

A quality wireless network is also a growing factor in the decision-making process for folks looking for a place to call home. Besides the obvious devices such as smart phones and tablets there are devices growing in popularity that one may not associate as being an IP device normally, such as smart TVs, Alexa/Google Homes, wireless thermostats, etc. Each additional IP device increases the bandwidth need of a network. Embracing a network improvement is inevitable to maintain top quality operations moving forward.

Understanding the Root Causes of Routine Network Slow Down

A 5 to 7 year old network is unlikely to meet today’s needs and demands which can impact performance causing “slowdowns.” High failure rates with aged equipment will disrupt critical operations and will be costly to repair as opposed to proactive replacement. Lack of vendor support means there could be security and stability issues that will not be addressed.

Networks utilizing consumer level products at an organizational scale are also often problematic. It may have made sense at one time to use these lower cost components, but it can present many branching network issues, especially when looking to grow.

Seize the Opportunity to design a “Future Proof” Network

The design of a “future proof” network requires confronting complex tasks that require professional education, tools and experience to accomplish. This is not an obvious science. Without specific experiential knowledge a designer would be left with repeated trial and error testing to get the desired results, if ever.

Spreading out equipment without guidance as an example, can lead to saturated networks that run at an even higher cost than before with not much performance improvement. The interconnectivity of network components and how they must be adjusted in conjunction with each other must be taken into account to predict and eliminate hidden obstacles.

An Experienced Resource is the Key to a Future Proof Network

We are here to help! Your vcpi Network Management team specializes in bolstering networks of senior living communities. We are here to help you with our proven process map for assessment and design. We can also continue to work with your team on executing that plan designed to diligently accomplish an optimized network refresh in a timely manner.


Refresh your Network