Network Management for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care



Get more done with a reliable network

A well-functioning network is at the core of your Senior Living and Post-Acute Care facility IT experience. Done right, it provides caregivers the ability to better care for patients, while at the same time, improving the quality of life for patients and families. With a solid network foundation, you can:


  Access the information you need, 
  when you need it
 Record resident information
 at the point-of-care

security Protect against spyware, malware, and   viruses

 Cut costs
Reduce support costs and time
spent with technical support

We deliver secure WAN, LAN and wireless network management to optimize network uptime and ensure the availability of applications you rely on to run your business. Our approach ensures your SLAs are being met reliably and effectively. We can manage your existing network, refresh the network, or design a new network to best suit caregiver and resident needs, including in facilities being acquired or built. All of your network and wireless management and support in one place.

Looking to get started? We invite you to explore our comprehensive network assessment. This enables us to provide an optimal blueprint to move your organization forward, from simple problem-remediation to full network refresh. Our goal is to find the best-fit approach to provide a network environment that aligns with your business goals and exceeds your uptime and performance objectives.

Network Asessment

Wireless network design, monitoring, and support

Get an assessment of your current network, as well as a recommended network design, conducted by one of our certified network engineers. We offer three options based on your needs.

  • Predictive survey: This option is for you if you’re currently building or acquiring new facilities. All we need are the building blueprints to design the network.

  • Onsite survey: We come to your facility and survey the current state of the network as well as conduct a predictive survey, where we can build the network with varying equipment based on your needs and budget. We can also conduct a cabling assessment while onsite, which includes closely examining facility cabling then working with vendor partners to get you a quote.

  • Network site assessment: One of our field technicians goes onsite with a questionnaire, gathers as much data as possible, and brings that to one of our network engineers to produce requirements.

secure wireless network maximizes employee mobility, efficiency, and quality while protecting sensitive EHR technologies and achieving resident/patient Internet expectations. Providers can choose dedicated or shared wireless controllers for multiple, secure wireless paths that separate staff traffic from resident Internet traffic.

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Increase productivity with improved connectivity.

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