Network Management

Network Management


Wireless network design, monitoring and support

Review and assess the network router(s) and circuit(s) to confirm the stability and cleanliness of the circuit(s). Receive a facility-specific design that meets HIPAA and HITECH standards and 24/7 network monitoring and support.

A secure wireless network maximizes employee mobility, efficiency and quality while protecting sensitive EHR technologies and achieving resident/patient Internet expectations. Providers can choose dedicated or shared wireless controllers for multiple, secure wireless paths that separate staff traffic from resident Internet traffic.

WAN and LAN Monitoring

VCPI’s tools and expertise will eliminate the guesswork from diagnostics. As your EHR usage increases and guests, residents, and physicians use your infrastructure, we provide data to support prioritization of your requirements and traffic.

VCPI delivers secure WAN and LAN management to optimize network uptime and ensure the availability of applications you rely on to run your business. VCPI provides the methods, procedures, and resources pertaining to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of your networked WAN and LAN systems.

Internet Monitoring & Filtering

Monitor and control your web site access and Internet usage across your facilities and scan web browsing traffic for malware and spyware. 

Network Site Assessment

A Network Site Assessment includes a review of network connectivity, wireless connectivity, LAN and an endpoint device discovery. You’ll receive a summary analysis with heat map and recommendations on configuration, setup, and devices to maximize efficiency and quality closer to the point-of-care. VCPI can conduct this assessment in existing buildings with an on-site walk through, or predictively with architectural blueprints for future construction or buildings in the process of acquiring.

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