Do you have the outcomes you need to compete in 2014?

Due to the impact of health care reform and its rewards system based on data-driven outcomes, post-acute healthcare is undergoing a rapid transformation from paper-based to electronic clinical processes. In the world of bundled payments, positive outcomes are a provider’s competitive advantage…and lifeline to revenues. Those that leverage these outcomes will be rewarded with higher census, higher reimbursements, better reputation, and lower risk in a complex regulatory environment. In the new world of Accountable Care Organizations, the providers who demonstrate the lowest readmits back to the hospital, highest quality outcomes, and lowest costs will have a competitive advantage. As a result, a provider’s clinical outcomes reports based on the transaction-level data from its EMR will be a key strategic sales weapon because ACOs will “shop around” for providers with the best outcomes. From 2000 to 2009, CMS ran demos and pilots to test the validity of value-based healthcare; healthcare reform passed making it law; in 2012 we’ll see much of the foundation laid, and in 2014, ACO-driven, value-based healthcare will be the new operating reality.

Center to Help Providers of Senior Living and Post-Acute Care Rapidly Transform Care Delivery In The Industry Countdown to EHR and Outcome-Based Care

MILWAUKEE, AUGUST 25, 2010 – VCPI announces the grand opening of The Center of Excellence for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care EMR today at the 4th Annual Client Connections Conference. The Center’s team of experts will help providers of post-acute care accelerate the journey towards Electronic Health Records (EHR) to prepare for the competitive demands of the fully-digital, post-acute care world of 2014.