How Jerry Kemper, CFO Senior Vantage Point, integrated 14 buildings in 8 hours

The following is a transcript of Jerry Kemper’s slides and remarks at the 2010 VCPI Client Connections Conference, August 25, 2010, Milwaukee, WI.

How did we bring on 14 facilities in about eight hours? Well that wasn’t my initial plan. Like a lot of people in my position, I was tasked with bringing on these facilities, and so I worked out an entire plan. And I came back to my CEO and I said, “Here it is; I’m going to have it done in eight days.”

And like most CEOs in our industry would say, he said “hmmm, that’s about seven days more than you need.” So we went about developing a plan to get this done in eight hours. What you’ll see today was a huge team effort. I’ll talk about how we were able to bring 14 facilities in Arkansas – literally during one night shift. Before we get into that, I’ll tell you a little bit about our company…

VCPI Client Connections 2010 – Indy 500 Acquisitions by Jerry Kemper CFO