Why You Can’t Rely on the Government to Protect Your Data

When it comes to keeping information secure, many might think the government is at the forefront of the latest technology trends. However, according to one ex-FBI agent, it’s the hackers that are paving the way.

“The government is very reactive,” said Jason Truppi, director of endpoint detection and response at security firm Tanium and a former FBI investigator. “Over time we’ve learned it wasn’t working – just being reactive, not proactive.”

Hackers are taking advantage of this, and finding new ways to infiltrate systems the government hasn’t realized yet.

All it takes is one unsecured endpoint, he said. “After that the keys to the palace are open.”

Don’t expect any government to protect your computer. If the data on your computer is important, you must take protective action yourself.

VCPI strongly advises every company to put together a comprehensive information security program to protect your business. Contact us to find out how.

Read more about how hackers are getting ahead on The Register.


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