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A Single Unified Digital Workspace  

Implementing a Digital Workspace is one of the best ways to address the IT challenges of an increasingly mobile and remote working environment, while also addressing the issues of security, team collaboration, and file access across on-premises, private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.  

vcpi Workspace is a unified interface for everything your teams need to work together. It features a context-aware user front end that is accessible from all devices and aggregates user apps (ie. SaaS, web, mobile), files, and multi-platform desktops in a single screen. This creates a superior user experience to the traditional workspace approach while streamlining the effort required for IT teams to manage and administer the workspace.

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With vcpi Workspace we can deliver business value and cost optimization to your Senior Living or Post-Acute Care organization no matter your size.


vcpi Workspace features include:

      • Single sign-on (SSO) for access to all apps and data

      • Intelligent, automated workflows that increase user productivity

      • Support for any device OS

      • Integration with SaaS vendors including Salesforce, Office 365, Dropbox and more

      • Single administrative console to manage all functions

      • End-to-end security 

      • Cloud application security

      • Automated monitoring of user behavior to identify threats


Your legacy applications and business systems have years’ worth of vital data and files, but these repositories were often not built for mobile or remote users. Sharing files becomes challenging, as large files cannot be sent via email or securely accessed across disparate devices and apps impeding collaboration and frustrating your users. 

IT Costs & Workload

IT organizations don’t have the bandwidth, visibility, or control to support complex and disparate systems. This can lead to inefficient and non-secure workflows, cost overruns, and security and compliance issues. A single administrative console to manage all functions means your IT team spends less time working across disparate systems and interfaces to administer and manage your workspace.   


Securing your entire workspace with a digital perimeter framework enables a comprehensive, integrated approach to security. This framework helps ensure your compliance across a wide range of industry, national, and local government mandates including HIPAA.


vcpi Workspace helps you and your team to:

      • Deliver a great user experience even with poor network conditions

      • Easily and securely share files and documents regardless of where the file is hosted

      • Switch devices seamlessly (ie. laptop to phone)

      • Enhance employee collaboration 

      • Secure your data

      • Manage role-based access control (RBAC)

      • Automate monitoring of user behavior to identify threats


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