Three Ways to Help Staff Put Service First During the Holidays

agent-18707_1280.jpgWith the craziness of the holidays upon us, it may be easy for us to sometimes overlook all of the individuals behind the scenes. These are individuals who keep operations “up and running” for many of our 24×7 businesses during off-hours and help keep our clients satisfied by putting service first.

Imagine what would happen if there were no police officers, no fire fighters, or even no medical staff on duty during critical times of need. People in these lines of work are asked to sacrifice a lot of personal and family time during the holiday season to be available to the people and communities they serve.

Similarly, in this growing world of Information Technology, many IT departments are expected to wear a comparable hat. Aside from 24×7 on-call responsibilities, many IT support personnel are required to be available around the clock to provide technology support whenever needed.

Here are some simple ideas to help keep your staff motivated during those holiday hours:

  1. Handwrite a thank you note to those working a holiday shift. The personal touch will go a long way to make them feel valued and recognized.

  2. Provide fun activities to boost morale and help keep a positive work environment. Here at VCPI, we like to order in meals for the team or coordinate a potluck with individuals who are scheduled to work. It makes for a fun way to celebrate the holidays with our work family.

  3. Give shift bonuses, even if it’s as simple as a $25 gift card, to employees who volunteer to work some of the non-standard shifts. Volunteering is in the spirit of the season, and what better way to show your thanks than with a bonus.

So, before we leave the office for a long holiday weekend, let’s remember to stop and recognize those individuals who help us keep the lights on!