The Answer to Protecting Sensitive Data and Keeping Caregivers Mobile

Mobile Device Management with laptop, mobile phone and tabletWith the rise in adoption of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, the need to make caregivers mobile is ever-increasing. Clinicians need to be able to document at the point of care – faster access and updates to, and sharing of, resident records will result in more efficient and effective care.

At the same time, providers need to ensure security and compliance on the devices being used; however, maintaining the necessary level of data security, especially on employee-owned devices, can be challenging. Enter Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Through MDM, organizations can monitor, control and secure devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops in the workplace. There are a multitude of benefits to implementing MDM, and using the technology doesn’t need to be difficult.

Below are the top three reasons why your business should be using MDM:

  1. Secure and and meet compliance requirements

    Whether the devices are corporate or employee-owned, MDM can ensure their security through a multitude of options. Organizations can enforce the use of a passcode and storage card encryption, restrict the use of cameras, cellular data and the app store, wipe or lock the device remotely, and much more. You can rest assured that your data remains secure.

  2. Save time setting up devices

    In addition to saving you headaches with lost or stolen devices, MDM saves times and money. It saves time by allowing businesses to define configuration profiles that can be used repeatedly to automate the setup of new devices. Meaning, you don’t need to go through and select the apps, e-mail accounts, Wi-Fi configurations, data roaming settings, etc. each time a new device comes online, for each type of role. This reduction in man hours required in turn saves money.

    You’ll also save money by avoiding compliance violation fines. MDM makes it simple to fully encrypt, secure and protect sensitive information at any time, from any place.

  3. Know where your devices are

    With all the security options available, your MDM solution must be easily managed. Knowing where devices are, who uses them and for which apps are essential to maintaining security standards. Additionally, management should be role-based and there should be reporting capabilities to take advantage of the information gathered. Reports can range from device status and location, to operator networks, to security settings; all of which can be used to guide future strategy.

The need for mobility will only increase as technology continues to advance – don’t keep your staff tethered to the wall. By implementing MDM, you can protect patient data while keeping caregivers mobile.

Contact your Technical Account Manager or email to learn more about how you can protect your data and ePHI.