Telehealth for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care



Telehealth123 was created by vcpi to allowSenior Living and Post-Acute Care communities an easy to use, secure, and affordable telehealth solution.

The potential to save money and time, improve the management of chronic conditions, reduce trips to the hospital, provide 24x7x365 physician availability, and engage families in the care of loved ones is a game changer for senior healthcare. Telehealth has become an essential part of today's caregiving ecosystem and vcpi wants  

Virtual Visits

The virtual visits portion of the app allows the doctor to admit patients when they are ready for the appointment and it offers virtual backgrounds to ensure the environment mimics a real doctors visit.

Online Booking

The Telehealth123 booking page is fully customizable, including branding and logo, and can provide an array of different services ranging from an initial consult to a follow up appointment.

Secure App

Our app uses a secure platform to provide a list of appointments and an easy way to begin and end a session.

Tablet & Mobile Stand

The optional tablet and medical-grade stand ship to the community pre-programmed with security and configuration settings so caregiving staff can begin booking appointments immediately.

  • Turnkey virtual care solution
  • Simple, seamless user experience
  • Cost effective pricing model
  • Designed for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care providers and communities
Telehealth 123

Telehealth is an essential part of today's caregiving experience.

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