Security Awareness Training

Empowering Your Human Firewall

Our Security Awareness Training service is designed to help you train and educate your employees in the most effective way possible. 

Traditional awareness training methods such as boring presentations no longer work, which is why we provide new and innovative ways to keep security top of mind. 

With our service, you can train and phish your employees with interactive and engaging content, while also seeing measurable results with our real-time dashboards. With Security Awareness Training, you can strengthen your human firewall as the last line of defense against cyber threats.


Build the perfect security strategy

Security awareness training is critical for senior living communities to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive information, such as patient records and financial data. With the rise of cyber attacks, human error is often the weakest link in the security chain. By providing comprehensive and ongoing training to staff, senior living communities can reduce the risk of phishing scams, social engineering, and other cyber threats. This can have a significant impact on the organization’s overall security posture, as well as minimize the potential for costly data breaches and regulatory fines. With regular training and real-time reporting, senior living communities can ensure their staff are well-equipped to identify and respond to potential threats, creating a safer and more secure environment for residents, staff, and stakeholders.

Phishing Emails

Simulated phishing emails are a proactive approach to training employees on how to recognize and avoid phishing attacks. These emails are intentionally designed to mimic real phishing emails in order to educate employees on the tactics that cybercriminals use to steal sensitive information.

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Security Awareness training is an essential component of any organization's security strategy. It educates employees on potential security threats and provides them with the tools and knowledge they need to identify and avoid these threats.

Annual Awareness Training

Annual security awareness training and HIPAA training are critical for organizations operating in the healthcare industry. These trainings help employees understand the importance of data security, privacy regulations, and best practices for handling sensitive information.

Real Time Reporting

We provide real-time reporting on phishing scores and security awareness training scores, as well as completion rates. This allows you to monitor the progress of your employees' training and track their awareness of potential security threats.

Ready to start strengthening your human firewall?

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