Vcpi lends perspective to EHR adoption article for McKnight’s Senior Living

Nickolo Villanueva

Nickolo Villanueva About The Author

November 5, 2018

Nickolo Villanueva, a member of vcpi’s board of directors, contributed to recent article in McKnight’s Senior Living regarding the adoption of EHR systems by assisted living communities. Nickolo framed the challenge of adopting EHR in a more holistic sense than simply cost and complexity of the software itself.   

“In short, there is very much a willingness to adopt, but not necessarily the experience or sophistication to do so fully,” adds Nickolo Villanueva, vice president of engineering and client services for vcpi. “In their rush to transition and adopt, it is often easy to overlook the requirements associated with such an endeavor. This includes the simple infrastructure transition, including devices, network connectivity, wireless and the security around proper implementation and management of this now critical service. Even more basic is the proper adoption of the processes around the use, retention, training and support of them.”

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