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March 10, 2015

Announcing Its New Client Program, VCPI Sets Standard For National Partnerships

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 10, 2015 – We are in the age of the digital employee.  An age when connectedness is an expectation, wearable technology is exploding and patience is an afterthought.  But these attributes are not just for millennials.  In 2014, more than 50 percent of mobile owners over the age of 55 now own smartphones (Nielsen, 2014), a number that will equal across all ages by 2020 (Business Standard, 2014).  By this same time, the number of Americans expected to need Senior Living and Post-Acute Care will rise more than 30% (Morningstar, 2012).  As a result, senior living and post-acute care providers need a support team that can think digitally and act personally to lead them through one of the largest transitions in industry history.

To accomplish this, Virtual Care Provider, Inc. (VCPI) announces the launch of its client support program titled CARE – Commit.  Advocate. Respond. Empower.  “The CARE program is a company-wide initiative focused on delivering clients and partners the most personal, proactive service in the industry,” explains Dan Weise, Chief Executive Officer at VCPI.  “We have listened carefully to our clients and closely observed the industry trends.  These intimate experiences have led us to establish this program, which we believe will provide innovative guidance for our clients and partners as the digital wave grows,” Mr. Weise continues. 

As part of the initiative, VCPI has realigned its organization and established processes to provide clients more personal attention, while delivering VCPI team members greater autonomy to impact client goals and resolve challenges.  To summarize the CARE program, the primary components include:

COMMIT: Caring for the client starts with commitment.  To put the client at the center of its business, VCPI is taking a franchise approach to its service delivery.  Each CARE Team will encompass all the necessary roles to act fast and intelligently on behalf of the client. This approach gives our clients a faster time to delivery as their dedicated CARE Team has extensive knowledge of the clients’ business and IT environments. 

ADVOCATE: With technology at its roots, VCPI believes senior living and post-acute care providers need a technology advocate they can rely on, daily.  Enter, VCPI’s Consulting CIO.  As a member and the leader of each CARE Team, the Consulting CIO will have an intimate knowledge of each clients’ business and needs, as well as a deep understanding of technology. Having a Consulting CIO means that our clients’ key contact will be a technical expert; the SAME expert who developed the solution that is now your IT environment.  The Consulting CIO will have the ability to troubleshoot immediately and not have to “escalate” any potential incidents.  

RESPONDSenior Living and Post-Acute Care excellence is built with daily attention.  VCPI is adding additional roles to its Service Desk team to foster a culture of rapid response and client satisfaction.  To ensure success, the Service Desk leadership will actively engage with and measure client-facing deliverables.  This will ensure that our clients’ most important resource, their employees, will have a Service Desk that best fits their organization’s needs.  The clients’ level of service to their residents is what makes their organization exceptional.  We will design and implement this service with that in mind.

EMPOWER: With digital savvy providers and residents, senior living and post-acute care solutions must provide a suite of tools, training and services to inspire confidence and empower independence.  In addition to expanding teams and personalizing client management, VCPI has invested in numerous solutions to provide maximum knowledge transfer and support. These solutions will give our clients transparency into their IT environment.  This will allow the client and their CARE Team to develop technology strategies for their business to increase productivity, minimize costs and empower caregivers.

As technology becomes a larger part of residents’ and providers’ lives, VCPI aims to provide clear guidance and recommendations on technology’s role and impact.  The CARE program will create an avenue for regular communication, foster transparency around the partnership process and deliver insight on the capital and operational impact of technology within senior living and post-acute care organizations.  With this approach and enhanced portfolio, providers’ view of the role of technology role will naturally transition from a support mechanism to an innovation engine.

“The digital resident, as well as the providers that serve them, are rapidly transitioning before our eyes.  We see this transition as an opportunity to leverage our industry expertise to usher in a new era of individualized health and the CARE program is the vehicle that will allow us to do that,” Mr. Weise concludes. 

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