Vcpi Provides Critical Network Configuration Needed to Open New Facilities



Southwest LTC: Client Success Story

Southwest LTC, one of vcpi’s longest running clients, leased four buildings in March 2019 through their affiliates, which were scheduled to open in April. Timing and expertise mean everything with acquisition situations. We understand that caregivers must have on-demand access to patient records that hold medication information, scheduling, and more. Internet disruption makes it hard for employees to view these files, which can be life threatening to patients. 
To help Southwest LTC open on time, vcpi provided network configuration and equipment in just a few days, which far exceeds our standard 90-day implementation timeline. Our team’s speed and accuracy helped minimize Internet disruption in the new buildings, helping deliver quality care from day one.



Southwest LTC provides traditional long-term care, skilled nursing and activity programming for seniors in Oklahoma and Texas. For over 10 years, vcpi has provided facility network management, desktop hosting, and help desk support to Southwest LTC. In March 2019, Southwest LTC affiliates leased four facilities. They needed a functional IT networking system with new routing equipment in a matter of days to open and serve patients on time. 


 On March 29, Southwest LTC’s IT leadership stated that they urgently need new networking equipment. Furthermore, their Meraki equipment didn’t have the licensing they needed to operate.

Helping clients in need is vcpi’s passion. Although our team typically onboards in 90 days, we acted with urgency to ensure disruption free service by April 1.    

Since Southwest LTC’s four buildings were opening in two days, we deployed three network engineers, rather than one. In five days, our engineers provided network configuration with a VPN that connects to vcpi. We also distributed routers, switches, and wireless access points. From then on, Southwest LTC employees could use the Citrix desktop and Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) system.    

About vcpi

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About Southwest LTC

Southwest LTC’s mission is to promote resident wellness and independence by providing compassionate professional healthcare and efficient management. Their core services include skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapy, pharmacy delivery, spiritual care, and activity programs.  Care facilities are spread across Texas and Oklahoma. Visit for more information.