A letter from the CEO and owner, Craig Christianson

My journey with vcpi dates back to its beginning in 2000, when I was a key contributor for four years, pivotal to its startup business plan and launch. After having worked at IBM for over a decade, I led and co-owned an IT consulting company for 3 years, during which time Canada-based Extendicare was a major client. I then worked as a consultant for Extendicare for two years to establish vcpi as a subsidiary company with service offerings and external clients, and was vcpi’s director of client services for another two years. From 2004-2016, I remained involved in an ongoing consultative and advisory role.

During 2015 and 2016, vcpi assisted its then-parent company Extendicare as it divested its 180 facilities in the United States, performing substantial work involved with off-boarding those facilities. Staff was downsized in an effort to improve vcpi's financial statements with the departure of the Extendicare business, all the while performing work for its other clients and interacting with prospective acquirers. Not surprisingly, employee morale and client satisfaction suffered as a result.

My wife Karen and I acquired vcpi in December 2016, both the business and the datacenter, with our personal investment and bank financing. We have a long term plan for vcpi, and full control with no other investment partners or venture capital participation. During 2017 we reallocated resources to improve quality of service and update our technology. The result is that we have grown the company from 121 to approximately 158 full-time employees, with more than that increase reflected in the growth of our engineering and service desk staff. The improvement in our employee morale, service performance statistics, and client satisfaction has been profound.

My goal is for vcpi to be the best example of a privately-held, community-minded company that puts its employees first, while serving as the premier information technology partner focused on the long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) industry.

Our clients do not represent a business transaction to us, but rather a long term relationship. I promise that we will keep our commitments, advise our clients in their best interest at all times, respond quickly to issues as they arise, and transparently share information about how we do our work so there are no mysteries. Our “cloud” is in Milwaukee and is under the oversight of our employees. We have no outside pressures or competing demands, enabling us to be focused on providing exceptional service for you and all our LTPAC clients.


Craig ChristiansonCraig J. Christianson

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