Don’t Be Fooled by Your CEO””

Phishing is big business – do you know how to spot it? One popular scam making its way across the nation has tricked an alarming 62 organizations already this year. 

Taking advantage of tax season, the scammers request W-2 Form data under the persona of the CEO/CFO, putting employee information at risk.

Phishing is an attempt to obtain a user’s sensitive information by disguising as a trustworthy source. Scammers have become more advanced, making it harder to tell if an email is legitimate.

Enhancing data security education programs and further training staff to help them identify any further email phishing scams is key to reducing risk.

VCPI can raise your employees’ awareness of email threats and conduct a phishing campaign internally to test how they respond to email scams. Contact us to learn more.

→ Easily identify email threats with our 7 key indicators

Read more about the W-2 scam on HIPAA Journal.


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