Application Portfolio Assessment

By aligning your business strategy with technology, you can reduce risk, cost-effectively increase your IT investment and better meet your organization’s financial goals. An Application Portfolio Assessment will provide clear visibility across your business, IT processes and application systems.

IT Assessment

An IT Assessment provides an expert evaluation of your current IT infrastructure as it compares to industry best practices and norms. Your high-level IT Assessment will review a multitude of critical technology areas and identify opportunities to cost-effectively improve your business and create a strategy for leveraging resources for better health care delivery and future business success.

EHR Readiness Assessment

VCPI will thoroughly assess your EHR readiness and provide the proper support to expedite its implementation. Our consulting expertise will help you pull together what you need to meet current and future EHR requirements.

Network Site Assessment

A Network Site Assessment includes a review of network connectivity, wireless connectivity, LAN and an endpoint device discovery. You’ll receive a summary analysis with heat map and recommendations on configuration, setup, and devices to maximize efficiency and quality closer to the point-of-care. VCPI can conduct this assessment in existing buildings with an on-site walk through, or predictively with architectural blueprints for future construction or buildings in the process of acquiring.

Access patient data during an outage
Don't lose access to patient data during an outage. Here's how:

With patient and resident care being a 24x7 job, the importance of your software and hardware availability can’t be overlooked.

Make informed technology investment decisions and prioritize
resources toward core business issues.

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