Don’t Fall For It!!!

Linkedin_SM_cybersecurityawarenessmonth2020_3Think that email offering a $5 Starbucks gift card is legitimate?  Received an email from the bank but didn’t expect it?  Is your healthcare provider asking for sensitive information via email?  Don’t fall for it! This technique is called phishing, and it’s a way hackers con you into providing your personal information or account data. Once your info is obtained, hackers create new user credentials or install malware (such as backdoors) into your system to steal sensitive data.

Cybersecurity and Senior Living


The need for senior living operators to protect their vulnerable IT systems and data is underscored by the weekly stories of US companies being hacked, phished and scammed out of billions of dollars. HIPAA and HITECH compliance is the regulatory response to this and puts the IT security responsibility on the operator.

Listen as Chris Lisser from vcpi, Ryan Witt from Proofpoint Solutions, and Rod Brewer from Exceptional Living Centers provide expert advice on IT security for senior living. 

Hurricane Season & IT Preparedness

As Hurricane Florence wreaks havoc in the Carolina’s, it is an important reminder that your IT infrastructure is highly vulnerable to nature’s fury. This includes the very real possibility of extended power and internet outages, as well as physical destruction of IT equipment and loss of critical data. Keeping your residents and staff safe in such during event is of course your primary concern, but what preparation can you do to minimize the impact of these major storms on your IT systems and data?

VCPI celebrates 15 years of caring for technology

What do VCPI and Pandora have in common? No, we don’t offer streaming music and Dan Weise is not Pandora’s CEO. However, both companies were founded in 2000. This summer, we celebrated our 15 year anniversary of providing technology solutions to the senior living market. Few people know our experience goes beyond 15 years to when we began as the internal IT team for Extendicare Health Services, Inc. (EHSI). It wasn’t until 2000 that VCPI was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Extendicare Inc.

Are you in the spreadsheet consolidation business or the care delivery business?

Health care reform initiatives make measuring, monitoring and reporting outcomes an important factor in new and continued business collaboration for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care providers. As your company grows, making rapid, informed business decisions can be challenging due to the lack of consolidated information, and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like census, labor, and cash collection can be time consuming.