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Celebrating National Assistive Technology Awareness Month

November is a special month, not just because it marks the transition from autumn to winter, but also because it’s National Assistive Technology Awareness Month. It’s during this month, we recognize and celebrate the incredible impact that assistive technology has on individuals’ lives, especially those in the senior living and post-acute care industry.

Technology & Network

Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Senior Care

In a bid to help seniors lead a comfortable and safe life, technology has seen several breakthroughs in the past decade. Here, we look at seven technologies that have notably enhanced the realm of senior care.

The Benefits of a Digital Workspace

The importance of providing an effective digital workspace has been accelerated by the ongoing pandemic. This crisis has greatly increased the adoption of remote working,

The Rise of Telehealth

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic the use of telehealth was a rising trend in Senior Living but had yet to reach widespread acceptance by both

What is MFA? and why you need it…

              In the new age of technology everyone’s had that moment where they forgot their password. The moment everyone hasn’t had is when someone steals

Collaboration Tools for a Remote Workforce

Covid-19 as a Catalyst  The spread of Covid-19 has forced the already growing trend of working remotely to accelerate rapidly. Senior Living providers are certainly

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