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Help Desk vs. Service Desk – Which is right for you?

Patient care is an integral part of the senior living workflow. Finding a way to distribute care across patient channels is difficult enough. But, what about employee care? All of those caregivers who are baked into the senior living architecture need access to quick, accurate IT support that allows them to continue to produce results, without unnecessary frustrations.

To provide this support, many Senior Living and Post-Acute Care rehabilitation providers choose to implement a service desk or help desk to tackle those mission-critical IT problems. But, what’s the difference?

What separates a service desk from a help desk?

Help Desk Vs. Service Desk - 24x7x365 IT for LTPAC experts

Why Move to a 24/7 IT Service Desk? Because Caregiving for Seniors is Not a 9 to 5 Job

Providing high-quality care to senior citizens requires around-the-clock vigilance on the part of senior living providers. Information technology (IT) plays a critical role in the delivery of reliable care to seniors at senior living facilities. Unfortunately, patient care can suffer when senior living employees do not have access to a 24/7 IT help desk that truly understands the Senior Living and Post-Acute Care environment. Below is a look at some of the signs that indicate that your facility needs to move to a 24/7 IT service desk and the key ways that immediate access to IT support can help your senior living facility gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

24x7 IT Service Desk for Long Term Care Providers