Windows 7 End of Life: Why Healthcare Companies Should Upgrade ASAP


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June 12, 2019

Windows 7 end of life

Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 as of 2020. Vcpi can upgrade your Windows 7 devices to reduce chances of data theft and the costly HIPAA fines that come with it. 

The healthcare industry is notorious for experiencing data breaches, which is why it’s critical for providers to know about the end of Microsoft Windows 7. Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 is the only way to continue receiving the upgrades and support needed to combat data theft. Unfortunately, healthcare has been the slowest industry to switch to Windows 10, which puts them at higher risk of cybercrime.

          Windows 10 Upgrade Program

What does Windows 7 end of life mean?

As of Jan 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer upgrade or assist with Windows 7 malware, viruses, and other IT security problems.

IT devices that older than three years likely lack the algorithms needed to prevent hacking and other security issues. Cyber criminals will especially consider Windows 7 their stomping grounds once Microsoft won’t be able to help. Once hackers enter healthcare networks, they can view, alter, and steal patient records and other sensitive information.

As technology advances, HIPAA continues implementing healthcare cybersecurity laws to prevent data breaches. Healthcare providers that fail to protect their data endure expensive HIPAA fines, which is detrimental to the business.

How We Will Help

Here at vcpi, we strive to be technology caretakers for Long Term Care, assisted living facilities, home health, and nursing homes. It would devastate us if any of our clients fall prey to cyber-crime on their Windows 7 devices. If your organization needs help implementing Windows 10, our team will ensure fast, effective upgrades for all necessary devices.  

Our process includes:

  • Assessing and identifying all Windows 7 devices
  • Upgrades and replacements of old devices
  • Data backup assistance
  • Wiping Windows 7 devices clean
  • Migrating data to Windows 10 upon installation

Windows 10 Upgrade Program

Contact us now for a complete Windows 10 Migration Assessment for your organization.