Transparent: easily seen through, recognized, or detected

In healthcare, transparency refers to the availability of information about the quality and cost of healthcare, allowing consumers to choose a healthcare provider based on value. Increasingly, consumers are taking an active role in directing their own healthcare. Increased transparency is a theme of healthcare reform, and changes are on the horizon for senior living providers.

Five Post-Acute Business Strategies for Success

What are the five post-acute care business strategies you should be concerned with right now?

EHR Technology Advancements - Moving Healthcare Forward

The impact that technology has had in transforming the provision of healthcare services cannot yet be truly quantified; from ensuring an electronic presence your staff can easily access, to organizing your company's information in the most user-friendly manner, to being a competitively recognizable market player, there is no corner of a post-acute care provider that is untouched by healthcare technology. Indeed, if were you to begin taking stock of the different aspects that it demands, you would undoubtedly lose focus of your core business activities. This is where VCPI steps in, as a one-stop shop qualified to handle all your needs in a way that maximizes the efficiency of all your operations.

What's new in Healthcare IT? ACOs and the ICD-10 delay, of course

A couple of big news items have hit the healthcare IT/long-term care industry within the past week or so.  I get an "update" just about every hour, but not a lot of true information.  Well, here's some information my colleagues and I found and wanted to share with you.

Are These Top 11 Trends Something You Should Worry About?

Our last blog focused on what you're doing to face the changes taking place and what you can do to help manage them.  Now let's take a look at the Top 11 Trends for 2012 in Healthcare Data from a new perspective...specifically a risk management perspective.  A few of the highlights from the article include:

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