Does Your Service Desk Have These Essential Qualities? [Infographic]

Attracting the right talent, answering the phone and providing the right equipment is a great foundation to build a quality service desk. However, how you choose to develop the desk next determines your future - are you and your service desk team prepared to handle anything?

Getting Customer Service to Understand the Customer

Have you ever called customer support, only to receive more questions than answers? Many times, customer service representatives don’t completely understand the inner workings of the caller’s company or daily life, leading to lengthy questions and over-explaining the issue. What if there was a program the representative could go through to gain a deeper understanding of the caller’s daily routine and struggles?

Three Ways to Help Staff Put Service First During the Holidays

With the craziness of the holidays upon us, it may be easy for us to sometimes overlook all of the individuals behind the scenes. These are individuals who keep operations “up and running” for many of our 24x7 businesses during off-hours and help keep our clients satisfied by putting service first.

VCPI Holiday Schedule 2015

Are you wondering if we’re open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the New Year holidays? The answer is: Yes, we are! Our dedicated Service Desk Analysts will be available at any time to assist you. The care you give doesn’t stop, and neither does ours.