Getting Customer Service to Understand the Customer

Have you ever called customer support, only to receive more questions than answers? Many times, customer service representatives don’t completely understand the inner workings of the caller’s company or daily life, leading to lengthy questions and over-explaining the issue. What if there was a program the representative could go through to gain a deeper understanding of the caller’s daily routine and struggles?

Does Your Wireless Wow or Worry Residents?

As we progress deeper into the age of “the Internet of Everything,” several key technologies are not only desired by residents and their guests, but will likely improve the well-being and quality of life of your residents.

More Best Practices for Secure Web Browsing

Last week we shared with you 10 best practices to help keep you safe while browsing the web. Here are another 9 things you can to do to help protect you and your business.

10 Best Practices for Secure Web Browsing

We all know how easy it is to get distracted while surfing the ‘Net.  A related story here, a special offer there, and suddenly you’re running in a whole different direction from where you started. However, that seemingly innocuous link may prove to be a trap, divulging information you never intended to share. So it’s increasingly important you develop browsing habits that will help you improve the security of your online activities.

Below we've put together a list of simple recommendations that will significantly strengthen your browsing security.

Choosing a Public vs. Private Cloud

So you’ve decided to move your information to the “cloud,” i.e., storing and accessing data and applications from your desktop, laptop, kiosk, tablet, smartphone, or other device of choice – all done via an Internet connection. Next, you need to determine which type of cloud-based system - public or private – is best for you. Finally, choose a trustworthy cloud provider. Here’s some information on how to pick your cloud type and provider.

Virtual Server Provisioning...give it a chance!

EMR, EHR, payments, outcomes, payroll, email and more…that’s a lot for your server(s) to handle, which means it’s potentially another source of IT worry for you. Each time you have to reboot, update, implement or change your server applications and systems, or simply want to temporarily increase server capacity during peak periods, you run the risk of costly and time consuming fixes, errors, crashes, virus infiltration and so on. That’s why many businesses “provision” their servers - preparing them with appropriate systems, data and software to make it ready for network operation – based on their resource requirements. 

Taking it one step further, businesses who provision their servers virtually see even more resource and cost benefits:

So What About Patient/Resident Choice?

Written by Renee Flis, Regional Sales Manager

That’s the question being frequently asked by senior living providers as our fee-for-service Medicare payment model begins a transition to episodic or “bundled” payments through ACOs and demonstration projects.

Are you at risk for HIPAA violations?

Last week it was announced by the Department of Health and Human Services that it will receive a $50,000 settlement from an Idaho organization. The agreement came after allegations the group lost a laptop with health information for 441 patients.  Read the article here.

Change makes transformation possible – but are you ready?

By Janine Savage, RN, RAC-CT, CHC
Healthcare Analytics Consultant, VCPI

As I’ve watched the first few days of the 2012 Olympic Games, I’ve been struck by the changes that have taken place over the years. From aerodynamic uniforms to real-time internet streaming of events, technology innovations have radically changed the Olympic experience for athletes, judges and spectators. Records are consistently broken as athletes become faster and stronger – made possible by technology advancements in their training. These changes have “transformed” the Olympics.

Transparent: easily seen through, recognized, or detected

In healthcare, transparency refers to the availability of information about the quality and cost of healthcare, allowing consumers to choose a healthcare provider based on value. Increasingly, consumers are taking an active role in directing their own healthcare. Increased transparency is a theme of healthcare reform, and changes are on the horizon for senior living providers.

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