Don't lose access to patient data during an EHR outage. Here's how:

Human life. That’s what’s at stake when evaluating whether or not your EHR system is considered highly available – a.k.a. always operational. With patient and resident care being a 24x7 job, the importance of your software and hardware availability can’t be overlooked.

Virtual Server Provisioning...give it a chance!

EMR, EHR, payments, outcomes, payroll, email and more…that’s a lot for your server(s) to handle, which means it’s potentially another source of IT worry for you. Each time you have to reboot, update, implement or change your server applications and systems, or simply want to temporarily increase server capacity during peak periods, you run the risk of costly and time consuming fixes, errors, crashes, virus infiltration and so on. That’s why many businesses “provision” their servers - preparing them with appropriate systems, data and software to make it ready for network operation – based on their resource requirements. 

Taking it one step further, businesses who provision their servers virtually see even more resource and cost benefits:

Disaster Recovery Basics for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care Providers

Written by Berry Brunk, CIO Consultant at VCPI

Business Continuity Management: Is Your Survival Kit Ready if Disaster Strikes?

You have an excellent emergency response plan in place. You have successfully evacuated resident facilities; sheltered in place one of your nurses when that angry spouse tried to enter a facility in violation of a restraining order; and handled the H1N1 flu outbreak. You are confident about your preparations, but have you thought about the following questions if your corporate facility and data center were to be destroyed?

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