Virtual Server Provisioning...give it a chance!

EMR, EHR, payments, outcomes, payroll, email and more…that’s a lot for your server(s) to handle, which means it’s potentially another source of IT worry for you. Each time you have to reboot, update, implement or change your server applications and systems, or simply want to temporarily increase server capacity during peak periods, you run the risk of costly and time consuming fixes, errors, crashes, virus infiltration and so on. That’s why many businesses “provision” their servers - preparing them with appropriate systems, data and software to make it ready for network operation – based on their resource requirements. 

Taking it one step further, businesses who provision their servers virtually see even more resource and cost benefits:

So What About Patient/Resident Choice?

Written by Renee Flis, Regional Sales Manager

That’s the question being frequently asked by senior living providers as our fee-for-service Medicare payment model begins a transition to episodic or “bundled” payments through ACOs and demonstration projects.

A Need-to-know Senior Living Landscape Update

At VCPI’s recent annual Connections conference for healthcare executives, guest speaker Brent Hardaway gave a thought-provoking and informative presentation focusing on post-acute services and developing partnerships in population health management.

Hardaway, Vice President of Premier Consulting Solutions, nationally respected for their work in building healthcare alliances, talked about the changing healthcare landscape and both the burden and opportunity it offers for all providers, from hospitals and ACOs to Senior Living facilities. He noted that approximately 50% of US healthcare spending is concentrated in just 5% of the population and 97% is concentrated in 50% of the population.

EHR Technology Advancements - Moving Healthcare Forward

The impact that technology has had in transforming the provision of healthcare services cannot yet be truly quantified; from ensuring an electronic presence your staff can easily access, to organizing your company's information in the most user-friendly manner, to being a competitively recognizable market player, there is no corner of a post-acute care provider that is untouched by healthcare technology. Indeed, if were you to begin taking stock of the different aspects that it demands, you would undoubtedly lose focus of your core business activities. This is where VCPI steps in, as a one-stop shop qualified to handle all your needs in a way that maximizes the efficiency of all your operations.

What's new in Healthcare IT? ACOs and the ICD-10 delay, of course

A couple of big news items have hit the healthcare IT/long-term care industry within the past week or so.  I get an "update" just about every hour, but not a lot of true information.  Well, here's some information my colleagues and I found and wanted to share with you.

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