Are you in the spreadsheet consolidation business or the care delivery business?

Health care reform initiatives make measuring, monitoring and reporting outcomes an important factor in new and continued business collaboration for Senior Living and Post-Acute Care providers. As your company grows, making rapid, informed business decisions can be challenging due to the lack of consolidated information, and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like census, labor, and cash collection can be time consuming.

VCPI’s Decision Point™ Business Intelligence Dashboard solution gives Senior Living and Post-Acute Care providers access to the information and key performance indicators they need to make good business decisions with confidence. Decision Point pulls data from the source systems used throughout your organization and transforms it into relevant, actionable and easy-to-understand information. Unlike other dashboards, no expensive platform and data warehouse is required, and there is no manual intervention. You get a comprehensive solution at a low, predictable cost.

Improve your SNF’s business collaboration potential with better measuring, monitoring and reporting of your outcomes.

Outcomes connect quality to value and demonstrate to hospitals, ACOs, managed care networks and other partners that your SNF can add value through quality care and quality outcomes. The Decision Point™ Outcomes Dashboard provides a comprehensive, high-level view of the critical outcomes metrics that matter most to you and your health care partners.  It offers you…

• …fast access to your key quality outcomes measures in the crucial areas of clinical quality measures, re-hospitalization rates and resident satisfaction so you can focus on analysis and comparisons, not data compilation.

• …assistance in identifying and targeting specific areas for process and quality improvement to achieve the performance levels the industry requires and your residents and families expect.

Executives across the country start their day with Decision Point. In one friendly dashboard you will get an easy to use and reliable source for critical business information you’ll depend on daily for proactive management of your business.  Talk to your Account or Sales Manager to learn more about the Decision Point Outcomes Business Intelligence Dashboard.