Virtual Server Provisioning…give it a chance!

Provisioning servers

EMR, EHR, payments, outcomes, payroll, email and more…that’s a lot for your server(s) to handle, which means it’s potentially another source of IT worry for you. Each time you have to reboot, update, implement or change your server applications and systems, or simply want to temporarily increase server capacity during peak periods, you run the risk of costly and time consuming fixes, errors, crashes, virus infiltration and so on. That’s why many businesses “provision” their servers – preparing them with appropriate systems, data and software to make it ready for network operation – based on their resource requirements. 

Taking it one step further, businesses who provision their servers virtually see even more resource and cost benefits:

Virtual server provisioning increases business efficiency. 

Server provisioning means you only have to build the server system once. It becomes your “golden template” that gets repeated across all the other servers, for consistency. Virtual server provisioning as servers are rebooted, applications updated, systems implemented and changes made will automatically bring the other servers into compliance, saving time and reducing potential areas for mistakes.

Virtual server provisioning minimizes risk.

What if a virus is brought in via an unprotected endpoint, like a laptop or smart phone? Once the virus and fixes are identified, the fix is automatically replicated from the main server across all the servers, saving time and resources. And if the system was corrupted because of the virus, the virtual server provisioning system reapplies the golden template. When the server is rebooted it is brought back to its previous state prior to infection.

Virtual server provisioning increases server capacity when – and only when – you need it.

If your organization runs month-end reports, or is going through employee application training, you may temporarily need more capacity when your functionality increases. Again, an increase in capacity can be accomplished much more quickly when your server provisioning system is virtual.

Virtual server provisioning reduces exposure risks during testing and upgrades.

When you bring on a new application or program, what do you do? Test, of course. But where do you test?  A virtual server provisioning system will offer you the ability to test in a near production quality environment without exposing your production system to unwanted requests/changes/data. 

Virtual server provisioning is scalable, to adapt to your new business scope.

You’ve had the good fortune to increase the size and scope of your business and now need more space. A virtual server provisioning system offers you the ability to add servers and a quicker turnaround to get you that needed capacity, again because there isn’t a new build out of each new server.