EHR Technology Advancements – Moving Healthcare Forward

The impact that technology has had in transforming the provision of healthcare services cannot yet be truly quantified; from ensuring an electronic presence your staff can easily access, to organizing your company’s information in the most user-friendly manner, to being a competitively recognizable market player, there is no corner of a post-acute care provider that is untouched by healthcare technology. Indeed, if were you to begin taking stock of the different aspects that it demands, you would undoubtedly lose focus of your core business activities. This is where VCPI steps in, as a one-stop shop qualified to handle all your needs in a way that maximizes the efficiency of all your operations.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to have this pressure taken off you, and more importantly, to ensure that handing over such an immense responsibility in no way compromises the integrity of your core business? Well, VCPI understands this. We can comfortably handle the different aspects of your healthcare technology that arise, and make use of economies of scale, which reduces your overall cost.

For instance, VCPI offers web hosting services for your key applications, and will also manage both in-house and external networks, ensuring proper connectivity throughout. A full-time service desk is also at your disposal. It is manned by experts in post-acute care and technology; you do not have to worry about any uncovered bases.  We understand that one of the most important elements of healthcare technology is your data, and as such offer a secure, routine backup of all data at our very own data center.

Even the best system is useless if not properly used.  That is why at VCPI there are more than 160 professionals attending to your healthcare technology needs as they arise.  For all the functions we carry out, rest assured an experienced professional is behind them. Familiarity with all legal requirements surrounding healthcare technology also ensures that your vital information is handled with care and according to best practice.

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