Are Your Challenges The Same As Other Executives?

Is everyone feeling the same pain? VCPI recently joined with The Corridor Group to conduct a study of 30 leading home care executives to understand their challenges and see what emerging strategies are taking place in the industry today.

“Eighty percent of those interviewed indicated that the industry overall is not well-poised to address challenges. Whether it is lack of adequate staffing, fiscal challenges, or technology advancements, executives indicate the industry is not prepared for healthcare reform. And why, you ask? First, many providers struggle with forming highly connected partnerships that will be essential for managing care transitions and improving outcomes. Second, while some are exploring models for risk-sharing, overall efforts are fragmented and often viewed as cottage ventures.  And, third, today’s staff is rewarded on volume. Changing the mindset from volume to value must be carefully navigated.”

That was just a glimpse of our findings. Executives interviewed offered their perspective and guidance for the top items on their radar they need to focus on to get themselves ready for upcoming changes:

  • Preparing and partnering for accountable care, bundled payments and the new care continuum for the 21st century;

  • Increased regulatory scrutiny; and

  • Gaining operational efficiencies for competitive survival.

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