New AHIMA white paper Accountable Care: Implications for Managing Health Information””

Accountable care will dramatically impact the way information is managed in post acute.  In order to be relevant at the negotiating table with hospitals, providers must be able to capture data about episodes, leverage it to drive higher quality that results in lower readmissions, and communicate it to a portfolio of risk-bearing partners – who will make (or break) margins on a bundled payment.    

“Accountable Care: Implications for Managing Health Information”

This fantastic white paper just published by AHIMA offers insights for the changing needs of healthcare IT.  It’s a must-read for CxO execs wrestling with IT strategy and where to prioritize investments.  You will get a high-level overview of:

Organizational changes needed

Which stakeholders with whom execs must collaborate

Tips for change management

Tools and processes to optimize health information analysis


 “The conventional view of health information has been as an episodic-focused, document-based medical record created and maintained within one unique healthcare organization—a hospital or medical practice, Senior Living and Post-Acute Care, or home health agency. Both paper-based record systems and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are based on this model. However, significant modifications to this model may need to occur…”