How does your IT score against best in class?

First step:  grab a tape measure.  Next, answer a few questions with one of our experts, and you’ll get a feel for how your organization measures up to the best in the industry.  You will be scored on the following criteria:

  • IT spend as a % of revenue
  • % of the business still running on paper
  • Ability to report outcomes for costs, quality, readmissions to hospitals
  • % of KPI problems sent as alerts to mobile phones (a measure of how proactively the business is managed…)
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place and regularly tested
  • Email retention policy in place to mitigate risk
  • % of all devices – including phones – are locked down for HIPAA
  • Your efficacy in handling complex IT issues 24×7
  • Average response time to get issues resolved – and put caregivers back in front of patients or residents
  • The competency and effectiveness of your IT staff
  • And more.

 With outcomes-driven care right around the corner in January, reports regarding your costs, your readmissions, and your quality levels will be your lifeline at  the negotiating table with hospitals.  In the data-driven world of outcomes, IT needs will be intense. How well are you positioned?  Contact us to discuss how you measure up to the best.