4 providers describe ROI from EMR, lessons learned

What returns can you expect from EMR?  Can early stages of an EMR program fund later stages?  These questions and more are answered in a new white paper from VCPI.  Four providers offer their best advice, ROI experience, and lessons learned from major initiatives underway in their organizations. 

VCPI hosted a round-table discussion entitled “The Road to Paperless.”  The discussion was moderated by C.C. Andrews, publisher of Long-Term Living Magazine, and included:

Ted Goins, Jr., President, Lutheran Services for the Aging
Matt Auman, COO, Encore Healthcare
• Mary Evans, COO, Covenant Care
• Tony Ramirez, Director of Clinical IT, Skilled Healthcare

You will learn:

• Where four providers are on the road to paperless
• What business challenges prompted the journey
• How each built a business case
• Benefits – expected and unexpected
• The biggest lesson learned
• Which locations were chosen for pilots and why

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Across the country, providers trust VCPI to provide a clean foundation on which EMR can be optimally deployed, experts who can help with change management, and workflow optimization to drive efficiencies.  The process is repeatable, affordable, and scalable.