Meet your new CMO – on your payroll whether you like it or not

Chief Mother Nature Officer (CMO) is part of your management team and calling the shots this year without your approval.  She’s your worst management nightmare:  emotional, unpredictable, high-maintenance, craves attention, and loves PR.  Her huge ego demands constant headline coverage – she dominates the airwaves by challenging us with flooding, tornados, and natural disasters.  The survival stories pull at our heart strings and our prayers go out to everyone who has suffered losses related to her wrath. 

If recent headlines are any indication, we’re in for quite a summer.  She will strike again, anytime, anywhere.  It’s not a question of if, but when she will pay a visit to your backyard.  

I’d like to introduce you to Bill Lang, whose full-time job is managing CMO, this very high-maintenance colleague of ours (and yours).  Bill lays awake at night thinking about where she will strike, how to prepare for the worst, how to function in the midst of disaster, and importantly how to recover from her shenanigans as quickly as possible.  Bill’s a professional worrier, and CMO gives him the ultimate job security. .

For providers…
Having a well thought-out plan for disaster recovery and business continuity is an operating imperative.  Bill will assess your current threats, your disaster protocols, and summarize in an actionable report recommendations for your staff, your patients/residents, and the data on which your care teams depend to deliver high quality care…even in the darkest of hours. 

As the guardians of one of our clients’ most strategic assets, Bill constantly updates detailed what-if scenarios, conduct drills, and prioritizes recovery plans to protect data, get it flowing again, and shield it from harm.  Our client’s compliance, reputation, and revenues depend on it. 

CMO is on your payroll, whether you like it or not.  What’s your plan to manage her the best you can…lest she manage the best of you?