Why Community Eldercare Services Relies on VCPI for IT

Community Eldercare Services in Tupelo, Mississippi, is focused on providing the best tools available to each of the 19 skilled nursing facilities they manage so that they can focus on delivering quality care to residents.

With a staff of only two people in IT, the company was challenged with controlling costs and operating the business without a strategic plan for technology. In the beginning, “we could not keep up with the pace of change and we were not focused on strategy,” explained Troy Baumann, President. The company also struggled with keeping servers up and running.

After hearing about customized solutions from other clients, Community Eldercare Services turned to VCPI to deliver cost-effective, centralized and comprehensive IT services. VCPI’s fixed, scalable, and predictable costs reduced company expenditures on IT. Because VCPI centralized all their technology needs, Community Eldercare was able to redeploy IT headcount into other positions of need. “I like working with VCPI, they provide me with strategic direction for IT,” stated Baumann. “I don’t have to worry about IT, it’s like being on autopilot. VCPI provides access to smart experts, without having them on staff. They tell me the upside of where I could go.”

VCPI was instrumental in offering technological efficiencies that allow Community Eldercare Services to create a more effective care delivery model. Baumann is pleased to say they now have a scalable model for the 21st century.

By Jennifer Clement, Marketing & Business Development, VCPI