How do you start your day? Three executives share how and why they start each day with Decision Point™

  1. Brett Bolt,  Executive Vice President and CFO, Nexion Health

    “Decision Point gives us a high level view of critical operational and financial metrics allowing us to manage our business more effectively.  The dashboard gives us a concise view of key indicators and the drilldown capabilities let us look at individual facilities or regions.”


  2. Ron Payne, CEO, Southwest LTC

    “I used to get 19 emails from my facilities each morning and then I’d have to compile data manually.  Now I can see census information in one click. It’s a racehorse!  Everyone in the industry should have it.” 

  3. Fran Kirley, President & CEO, Nexion Health Inc.

    “Now we have a great tool to monitor and manage our reputation in the markets we serve.”

More from Brett Bolt,  Executive Vice President and CFO, Nexion Health Inc.:  

“Alerts sent to our mobile devices let us know which areas need immediate attention. Emails and other alerts can be sent to our administrators and regional directors, for example, if census is too low at a facility. The Medicare 5-Star reporting feature tracks the 5-Star rating statistics for all of our facilities over time and allows us to compare our facilities’ rating statistics to others in the same geographic area. No other 5 Star service offers this valuable attribute.”

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