What do those VCPI guys really know about my clinical operations?

Turns out, they know a whole lot. Why? Because in today’s post-acute care environment, technology increasingly touches every member of a provider’s staff. Everything from clinical documentation…to workforce collaboration…to CxO-level reports that executives rely on every morning to start their day. And as the industry progresses towards the ‘always-on’ world of electronic medical records, technology is increasingly at the heart of clinical operations.

So it’s not surprising that the lines between clinical staff and the IT staff that serve them are blurring. In the healthcare academic world, a whole new talent industry is being born called “nursing informatics,” which is kind of like a corporate merger of the VP of Clinical and the VP of IT. These experts take a hard look at how to use data-driven outcomes to drive higher quality, lower-cost nursing care. Kinda sounds like the rhetoric we’ve heard in all the healthcare reform hype – but it goes beyond that. These are hard-core clinical geeks. They can eat and breathe data with the techies, but they also have an intense understanding of the clinical reality of nursing (direct patient care is a prerequisite). The best and brightest are also great communicators, from the bedside to the boardroom.

Clients of VCPI tap into a passionate group of clinical IT experts every day. Here are a few ways they are making a difference for clients:

  • They recently completed final Quality Assurance testing for a large chain seeking an independent, unbiased opinion of their MDS 3.0 program prior to implementation.
  • They are helping dozens of clients asses their application portfolio, to make sure they’re getting the most out of what they have and create a roadmap that helps them compete and thrive in the outcome-driven world of 21st century healthcare.
  • They are helping dozens more to accelerate facets of their EMR programs, in order to drive better clinical outcomes and better evidence-based decision making.
  • And much more.

Hear for yourself via this video interview with Will Belke, VCPI Chief Innovation Officer.

Posted by Hope Frank, Sales and Marketing Intern, VCPI