Eliminate capital outlay for IT in 2011.

You have an immediate opportunity to cut IT costs from 2% to ½% of revenue.

Have a computer room full of costly stuff? And that req on your desk for yet another server? All of that can disappear, along with your IT staff. Instead you convert IT to a known and predictable fee per month for great service, great support, and most importantly – peace of mind.

“VCPI is instrumental in offering technological efficiencies that allow us to create a more effective care delivery model.”-Troy Baumann, President , Community Eldercare Services

VCPI helps providers of post-acute care solve business challenges with technology and beyond. For thousands of clients across the country, we make IT problems disappear. We also architect, execute, and expedite entire EMR strategies.

“I don’t know the first thing about IT, and they stay on top of it for me.” -Ron Payne, CEO, SWLTC

Contact us to find out how you can drive up efficiency, lower costs, and eliminate the headache that is IT. Going to NIC? Visit in person with us Wednesday 9/22 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. CST in Shulas Steak House – at the Shearton.

Posted by: Jennifer Clement, Marketing & Business Development, VCPI