Why Elite Senior Living turns to VCPI for IT

Below are excerpts from the Elite Senior Living Case Study:

Elite Senior Living, based in Buffalo, NY, is among the best in the industry when it comes to smaller multi-site organizations, in large part due to the passion co-owners Steve Tokarczyk and Jon Heraty have for hands-on management.

In the early days, the co-owners wore hats ranging from human resources to payroll, from building management to billing. They also took care of IT. “We weren’t big enough to have in house staff to do all these functions,” Heraty recalls.

Soon, it became clear to Tokarczyk and Heraty that they needed to take their business to the next level.  Tokarczyk and Heraty turned to VCPI to organize, centralize, and optimize IT across their growing enterprise.  “VCPI helps us compete. Even as a small company, we have the same IT resources of the largest players in the industry. There’s no way we could afford to build these resources ourselves,”

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