3 reasons why providers like Nexion scale the business using VCPI

With competitive challenges coming at providers from many angles, it’s not surprising we’re hearing that scaling the business is a top priority. Size promotes administrative efficiencies, operating leverage, and market share.

As companies grow, all too often scaling IT is a huge headache thanks to mismatched systems, lack of standards, and huge capital outlay. Scaling the business all too often involves a proportional scaling of costs. There’s a better way, and it involves taking IT off the balance sheet. Executives at Nexion Health Inc. offer:

  1. “From the beginning, we used VCPI because we knew we didn’t want to be in the business of IT.”
  2. “Why buy servers when we can use the money to better serve patients and grow our business?”
  3. “We want to move quickly and effectively.”

Nexion executives summarize: “VCPI helps us scale our business.”

No one can scale alone; it takes a well-organized team and a visionary leader. Providers who’ve added VCPI to their team on average cut IT costs from 2% of revenue to a ½% of revenue.

Link to Nexion’s case study.