“Don’t self-diagnose, just call.”

The amount of technology your staff will need in the EMR world will increase 4-5X.  That also means the amount of support they will need will increase 4-5x on all shifts.  For example, imagine the risk of systems going down and nurses doing med passes from memory. 

Clients who rely on VCPI for service do not call a help desk, they call a service desk.  Clients are encouraged:

“Don’t self-diagnose, just call.”

Behind the scenes, experts who focus exclusively on post-acute care will triage and diagnose issues fast.  We’ll figure out if it’s a problem with computers, networks, software, or training, etc.  With the VCPI service team on your team, you’ll get peace of mind your staff maximizes time in front of patients vs. troubleshooting technology.  In fact:  

  • 80% of problems are solved on the first call
  • 75% of problems are solved in less than 5 minutes
  • 95% of problems are solved in less than 24 hours

If your vision includes driving towards a paperless environment to drive up efficiency and quality, your care team will be completely dependent on technology to deliver the high quality care on which your reputation and revenues depend.  Feedback from clients who’ve called the service desk includes:

  • “Thank you for fixing things so quickly!” 
  • “Thank you so much for helping me – I feel like you read my mind and were able to do what I needed to make my job easier.”  
  •  “I truly appreciate the kind words and assistance.  I am not very smart about computers and need help occasionally.”
  • “I do not know how we would function without them!” 

The paperless world of EMR requires a very different operating model than the one the industry has today, including huge demands for support round the clock. 

Want to learn about other challenges with EMR? Link to a white paper:

The countdown to EHR-5 steps for success.pdf

Posted by: Marilyn Woods, Manager of Service Desk & Operations, VCPI