Video: 4 reasons why over the years Nexion trusts VCPI to solve IT

Nexion Health Inc. offers care, compassion, and community on 40 campuses in TX, CO, and LA. Services include Senior Living and Post-Acute Care, as well as rehab. Knowing a smile can go a long way, care teams are committed to high touch, high-tech care.  

From the beginning, Brett Bolt, COO, and Keith Mutschler, Treasurer, used VCPI to solve IT.   Over the years the relationship has expanded but the core business drivers that justified the partnership in the early days continue to be the pillars on which value and trust have evolved to this day.  In the video, you’ll hear 4 reasons why Nexion uses VCPI:

  1. Low cost, high quality:  “From a cost model we wanted to make sure we are providing the best care we could and not have a high-cost overhead structure.”  Brett Bolt, EVP & CFO
  2. Scalability: “We believe if we were to add another 20 or 30 businesses it would be a no brainer.”      Brett Bolt, EVP & CFO
  3. Strategy:  “I don’t need to be involved in the details.  I can look at the big picture and direct VCPI where to go.” Keith Mutschler, Treasurer
  4. ROI: “Economically we could not have done better.” Brett Bolt, EVP & CFO

With major changes to payment coming in the industry, lowering your costs and driving up efficiency are strategic imperatives.  EMR acceleration is also a major issue as hospitals will increasingly partner with those having the lowest readmits, lowest cost, and highest quality outcomes.  Data will be key to winning their loyalty and the referrals which your revenues depend.

 Clients like Nexion:

  • Cut IT infrastructure costs in half, while driving HIPAA compliance
  • Convert capital expenditures and labor to a predictable monthly operating expense
  • Achieve higher quality care by putting digital assets to work in creative, hyper-efficient ways
  • Leave the headaches of keeping up with technology and regulations to experts

Posted by Jennifer Clement