Are you held hostage by your IT department?

You: “I want to do xyz.”

Your IT department:  “We can’t do it because…(systems won’t integrate, we don’t have the infrastructure, no staffing, etc.)

Sound familiar?

IT in post-acute care is evolving at a mind-numbing pace, and for many executives, the challenges of moving their business forward with the IT they have today results in more conversations about “no” vs. “yes.” Change is incredibly difficult in the security and data-obsessed world of healthcare IT.  It’s also absolutely necessary to gain efficiencies, cut costs, and drive higher outcomes. 

Providers of post-acute care across the country turn to VCPI to hear “yes” to achieve their vision for technology in their business. Jerry, Kemper, CFO at Senior Vantage Point, offers, “I appreciate your quick response and resolutions. You guys have always delivered when I have needed immediate help and I truly appreciate working with a group that can provide that kind of assistance. It can make all the difference in giving us the ability to get things done.” 

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IT departments have a reputation of being culturally resistant to change. Are you held hostage by your IT department?